New Service: Gallup Certified StrengthsFinder Coaching

Over the past year the 3T Strategies team has been attending Gallup Certified trainings on Strengths Finder and the company has become a Strengths-based organization. Recently, 3T Strategies founder, Eunice McCarney has become a Gallup certified coach and has been working with individuals in both the nonprofit and for-profit sectors in using their strengths to become more productive, efficient and happier in their businesses.

What is StrengthsFinder? StrengthsFinder starts as an assessment that measures the presence of talent in 34 general areas or themes. A coach works with individuals to understand and harness their talents and guides them on the road of personal and professional development. Knowing your talents and strengths can lead to better self understanding and better communications with your teams, students, and families.

We work with individuals and groups in learning about strengths and utilizing them to solve problems. Contact us to find out more.

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